A Stitch in Time Vol 2

Vintage Knitting Patterns 1930-1959

by Susan Crawford & Jane Waller

This stunning 400 page hardback volume of updated and multi-sized knitting patterns from 1930-1959 contains 80 incredible patterns spanning these three decades.

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The Making of A Stitch in Time

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This breathtaking book takes you on a journey through knitting pattern history from 1930 to 1959. This 400 page treasury contains 80 stunning, classic patterns for women, carefully chosen to offer the knitter the best of design from each period, alongside a thoughtfully balanced selection of projects; from beginner to advanced; cardigans to sweaters; dresses to hats; stocking stitch to cable and from fair isle to lace.

With the patterns chronologically arranged the book also acts as a historical insight into this golden age of knitwear design.

Both the original and a re-written, updated and multi-sized adaption of each pattern is included, with beautiful full colour images, authentically styled and photographed. Additional information explaining vintage fit and finishing complete this inspiring publication. A wide range of sizes are included from 28-60 inches.

This truly amazing book is for all knitters, young and old, of all abilities. It affords the opportunity not just to knit, but to knit a piece of the past and create an heirloom of the future.