Due for publication 30th November 2014

Five years ago we took the decision to self publish A Stitch in Time, Volume 1.  This knitting treasury and vintage pattern archive with 59 patterns and over 300 pages is not a book that a traditional publisher would take on. Self publishing always takes a lot of hard work, dedication, endurance and funds. With a book of the scale of A Stitch in Time it takes even more of all of these things. This is a book that hasn’t been constrained by a publisher's need for high profits, but is a collection that has been created with passion and sincerity, to be treasured and loved.

What makes A Stitch in Time so special?

60 original patterns from 1920-1949 reproduced and digitally enhanced

Rewritten and updated versions of every pattern

Sympathetically multi-sized to retain the true vintage look

Beautifully photographed with authentic vintage styling

Up-dated yarn requirements for each pattern

Includes sizes from 30 to 60 inches

Chronologically arranged

A wealth of information about the changing styles

Have you ever yearned for some old-style glamour?

This modern day classic brings you 60 fabulous, vintage knitting patterns for women: From the 1920s tubular look to the feminine charms of the 1930s. The military style of the war years through to the glamour of the late 1940s.  This iconic treasury is filled with stunning full-colour photography, faithfully styled, of updated versions of these gorgeous knits. Each design is unique and perfectly captures the charm of its era.

From evening wear to swimsuits, the original patterns have been re-written, updated and carefully resized for modern shapes, using contemporary yarns. The patterns are chronologically arranged, each chapter with an insightful essay on the history of knitting’s Golden Age.

This is Vintage Knitting for the Twenty First Century

A Stitch in Time, Vintage Knitting & Crochet Patterns 1920-1949; Vol 1

How does the new publication differ from previous editions?

Hard back cover

Extended size ranges on some of the most popular patterns

Up-dated yarn requirements including newly available yarns

Pattern errata corrected throughout

Improved garment schematics

Additional charted instructions

Extensive re-editing

Improved layout

Bonus Pattern

These are just a small selection of the designs in this volume.

You can see more from the book here

Purchase Options

1: E-book only (available now) - £20

2: Print plus e-book package - £45

3: Print Book only - £35

Despatch Information

We are delighted to announce that despatch of pre-orders will commence at the end of November 2014.